Once upon a time, only aristocrats were able to indulge their taste buds inside the castle walls. Now there is a restaurant for everyone, a restaurant offering traditional Slovenian dishes.

The smell you remember from your grandmother’s bread oven and fireplace is now coming from our kitchen: the Kras jota soup, the Istra bobiči soup, the Prekmurje bograč stew, fried wings, Idrija žlikrofi dumplings, Primorje squid, roasted sardines … Slovenian cuisine is very region-specific and it is the same in our restaurant. Three major European cultures – Alpine, Pannonian and Mediterranean – meet in our kitchen: Prekmurje gibanica layer cake, Bled cream slices, Kobarid štruklji filled dumplings.

We swear by fair ingredients and organically grown, healthy food. We use the best olive and pumpkin seed oil, locally produced meat, fruit and vegetables from the market and wines from Slovenian wine cellars. The preparation of traditional dishes takes a lot of skill and knowledge. The young chefs in the castle have learnt everything from the three masters, whose creativity has altered the view of food in Slovenia and convinced the worldwide gastronomy public: Ana Roš and Valter Kramar from Hiše Franko and Svetozar Raspopović from the Gostilne As.

Slovenia has a rich culinary culture. We have 24 gastronomic regions with 178 distinct and recognisable dishes with a wide range of different flavours – so there will be new aromas coming from the Na gradu restaurant kitchen every week. Every week, we will offer you something new.

Visit us and see for yourself.

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